WARNING: Blatant Self-Promotion Post

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Even though I’ve been a marketing guy the majority of my career, I’m not comfortable promoting myself. Others? Yes. Me? Not so much.

But I do want to let you know about one of my novels on sale right now because I think they can change your life. I’ve had many, many people tell that’s what’s happened when they’ve read these stories.

People have been set free, given great hope, and seen God like they’ve never seen him before.

Enough intro, here are the details:

My fourth novel, Soul’s Gate is on sale for one more day on Kindle and Nook, for $2.99. This is the first novel in my Well Spring series and it won a Christy Award in June.


I make about seventy five cents per copy sold, so it’s not about the money, but it is about seeing people step into a freedom they’ve never known.

Here’s what a few authors you might know have to say about Soul’s Gate:

  • “Powerful storytelling. Rubart writes with a depth of understanding about a realm most of us never investigate, let alone delve into. A deep and mystical journey that will leave you thinking long after you finish the book.” Ted Dekker
  • “Rubart knocks it out of the park with this one. Soul’s Gate takes readers on a wild flight into the spiritual realm, where we find the battle for our souls is even wilder than we imagined—and very, very real. With vividly drawn charters, startling imagery, and the power of a spiritual air-raid siren, the story is at once entertaining and breathtakingly enlightening. James L. Rubart has crafted a stunning piece of work, a call to arms for everyone who years for the freedom of the abundant life Christ promises us—and is willing to fight for it.” Bestselling author Robert Liparulo
  • “Tight, boiled down writing and an intriguing premise that will make you reconsider what you know about the spiritual realm.” Steven James
  • “Don’t read this unless you’re ready to see with new eyes. Through evocative prose and masterful storytelling, Rubart transports you to the spiritual realm—a realm of vision, mystery, healing, and power. A deep and thoughtful—and jet propelled—spiritual journey of a book.” Tosca Lee

Thanks for lending me your eyes for a few seconds.

Much joy,


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