When A Friend Betrays You

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Yesterday a friend betrayed me. Publicly. 

It hurt. I went from disbelief, to shock, to anger. This is a person I’ve given great support to. I couldn’t understand why they would do this to me.

Yes there have been numerous little, passive aggressive behaviors from this person over the years, things I always explained away and let slide by. But this time? Not so easy to make excuses for what they did.

What Now? 

My choices are simple.

  • Get bitter. Can’t do that. That’s like ingesting a drop of poison every day and expecting it to hurt my betrayer. 
  • Strike back. Nope. Evil and hate have never conquered evil and hate.
  • Act from a place of love. Yes. It’s the only path if I want life.

And what is love? God is love. And the nature of Love is spelled out in I Corinthians 13. Love is not offended. (I was offended.) Love is not provoked. (I was provoked.) Love keeps no record of wrong. (Does that mean I have to let go of my memory of what this person did and has done to me? Yep.)

This doesn’t mean I keep stepping into the lion’s cage after its claws ripped down my back. Wisdom tells me to stay out of the cage. But if I am walking in the love of Abba, I let go of what was done to me, I hold no record, and I think of this person with  kindness, with patience; hoping for them, and believing all things for them. I love them.

And this is only possible by grasping that this is how my Father loves me. 




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  1. Thresa Graham

    Hello Jim,
    I just finished your book Rooms.
    I intend to read more of your books. I just discovered Rooms at a Christian bookstore.
    James L. Rubart novels will be added to my collection of favorites.

  2. Flo Parfitt

    Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. Forgiveness is not about the other person, forgiveness is about you being at peace with yourself. It is letting go of anger, hurt and humiliation. That gives you inner peace. Inner peace brings strength. You can use that strength to understanding. Understanding opens up the door to share that peace with the one who hurt you. Approaching the situation with peace, love and understanding and Gods grace can open the door to bringing back a friendship that was lost by cruel words. It works. I know. Been there

  3. Marie Anne

    Love,forgive, let go of the bad words, but stay out of the Lion’s Cage.Moving forward can be a challenge, especially when the Lion cage appears.
    Trying to forget helps, yet remembering keeps one guarded but safe. Like putting on the armor of God without getting caught up in the moment and the feeling. Letting go and giving it to God to take the hurt and mistrust and doing what God needs to do with it. For one thing , a person cannot control another person’s actions only one’s own actions can be kept in check with the help of God and the Holy Spirit.

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  4. Donna Isenor

    Hey Jim, have loved your trilogy, rooms, the chair, Book of Days, they got me through a very tough season 2 years ago on a sabbatical from Christian ministry work. I was thrilled to see you did the audio for The Forgotten Way. Haven’t heard it yet, but am on my 4th read through the meditations. This blog shows the rubber meeting the road! Was wondering how you came to know Ted and got involved. Your work is definitely blessed and anointed by Poppa! Love you brother!

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      Thrilled to hear my stories got you through some difficult parts of the journey. So glad you like The Forgotten Way. Powerful!

      Ted and met a number of years ago and became friends and when he was looking for someone to do the audio version he thought of me and asked me to audition. I got so much out of the book by reading it!

      Love back atacha,


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      Hi Bryan,

      So fun to hear that!

      Yes, next book is called, The Man He Never Was and comes out in February.



  5. Reggie Greenleaf

    Jim I am currently reading your book Soul’s Gate, wow, it not only has impacted me but has reopened my eyes to the spiritual possibilities that God has intended for us. God bless you!

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