When A Friend Betrays You

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Yesterday a friend betrayed me. Publicly. 

It hurt. I went from disbelief, to shock, to anger. This is a person I’ve given great support to. I couldn’t understand why they would do this to me.

Yes there have been numerous little, passive aggressive behaviors from this person over the years, things I always explained away and let slide by. But this time? Not so easy to make excuses for what they did.

What Now? 

My choices are simple.

  • Get bitter. Can’t do that. That’s like ingesting a drop of poison every day and expecting it to hurt my betrayer. 
  • Strike back. Nope. Evil and hate have never conquered evil and hate.
  • Act from a place of love. Yes. It’s the only path if I want life.

And what is love? God is love. And the nature of Love is spelled out in I Corinthians 13. Love is not offended. (I was offended.) Love is not provoked. (I was provoked.) Love keeps no record of wrong. (Does that mean I have to let go of my memory of what this person did and has done to me? Yep.)

This doesn’t mean I keep stepping into the lion’s cage after its claws ripped down my back. Wisdom tells me to stay out of the cage. But if I am walking in the love of Abba, I let go of what was done to me, I hold no record, and I think of this person with  kindness, with patience; hoping for them, and believing all things for them. I love them.

And this is only possible by grasping that this is how my Father loves me. 




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