I LOVE this Book!

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Yeah, I do. You? I think you’ll agree. And I think it will change your life. Seriously.


I was privileged to be part of this book from the beginning and watched it go from a good book to a great one. Actually, more than great. A book I’d recommend you buy in the print version ’cause you’ll want to take notes in the margins and underline till your pen and highlighter run out.

Here’s what a few people wrote in endorsing it (including me.)

“Unique and powerful, The Story of With will take readers deep into the discovery of their own identity. “Bravo! This fascinating blend of storytelling and teaching will shift the thinking of all who take this journey.” New York Times Bestselling Author, TED DEKKER

“Through allegory and invitation, Allen Arnold ushers us into a journey of imagination, insight, wonder, and wisdom…Read The Story of With!” New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of Captivating, STASI ELDREDGE

“This is your invitation into deeper identity, intimacy, and imagination with God. Like finding the place you’ve always longed to be. The moment you finish this book, you’ll race to grab one for a friend. Highest Recommendation!” Bestselling Author of The Long Journey to Jake Palmer, JAMES L. RUBART

Here’s what the books is about (from the forward):

“You are not alone. Whether you’re a free spirit, an office exec, a writer, musician, college student, or tired parent—your soul, like mine, knows life is meant to go beyond rat races and rare applause. This book speaks to that belief. And if you’re not careful, you may find tears warming your eyes as you read because finally someone is naming your weariness, your striving, your questions of why you just can’t quite make it, or the emptiness that hit because maybe you did. It is into those places The Story of With reaches—fusing allegory with application—to offer fresh perspective, restored hope, and a rebirth of creativity.”

From the Foreword by Mary Weber, Christy & Carol Award-Winning, Scholastic Pick Author of theStorm Siren Trilogy.

So you? Ready? Whether you’re the creative type or not, this book is more than worth forsaking a few stops at Starbucks to pick up. And I’d love to hear what you think when you finish.

You can click on the book or go here to purchase.





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