Cliche But True, Tell Your Kids You Love ‘Em

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Twenty three years ago today, at 5:46am, Taylor James Rubart burst onto the world scene and my life was altered forever. He was and is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.


Taylor and his wife, Allison

My dad was of the generation that didn’t tell their kids they loved them, so I vowed I would tell my sons I loved them so often they’d get sick of it. But they didn’t. Taylor and I say I love you every time we talk, which is often.

So whether you’re like Darci and I with grown children, or you’re only months into the crazy adventure called parenting, tell your kids you love ’em till they can’t stand it anymore.

I promise whether they respond on the outside or not, those three words will fill them with life.


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  1. Lynne P.

    Absolutely true. Telling my only daughter I love her often has been a gift. She is a tough girl, but deep underneath what really matters is that someone loves us and is proud of each of us as much as our heavenly parent is!

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  2. TJ

    PS – I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Rooms. I was so excited when Mika was about to open the box to see his destiny I actually had butterflies! I cannot remember the last time a book moved me like yours did. Thank you so very much, I look forward to reading many more of your books. And please forgive all my spelling mistakes in this and my last post. I hate these tiny screen keyboards. lol.

  3. TJ

    I too grew up with parents who never said they loved me, and I also tell them every day, usually several times in one day Iove them. I have also explained to them no matter what they do, they will never cause me to not love them. I may not like, approve of or agree with their actions but my love will be as strong and reliable. I came to understand Gods love for us when I became a parent. I could never understand how a person who murdered another was capable of receiving Gods forgiveness and love. I now understand that it is the same. It is Gods wish that we ask for forgiveness of our actions because he loves us no matter what we may have done, he never stopped or nevet will stop loving us. We stop ourselves thinking we are unworthy of his love and until we believe and ask, WE block his gift of grace. I have often thought how much it must pain him watching us make mistake after mistake hurting outselves each time because I have watched my kids do it. But I do not interfer or tell them what to do. They make their choices, they may ask for advice but may not take it either. So it hurts me to see them hurt,struggle,even sometimes fail. It hurts me to see them sad,scared,heartbroken. And IT imagine how much more it must hurt God to see all of us in pain when if only we would turn to him, trust him and give over to him and so many have fallen for the lies that he doesn’t exist or that they have a dislike of the church so they have lost their faith.

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      Love this, TJ (that’s what we thought we might call our oldest, Taylor) and I’m so glad you liked ROOMS! Still probably my favorite, just because is was my first. Much joy,

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  4. Jean

    72 years ago somewhere around 5a.m. on the same date I came into this world! Hard to believe it’s been that long!
    I appreciate your writings so much! Just finished your lastest book. You threw me a curve about going to baseball camp at about page 316 or so. I had to scan back to find where you tell young Brock something only he would know. It was about the humiliation at basketball camp. Was that an error? Or maybe just a different “time line” lol! Well I look forward to your future books. I’ve read them all and so have a few of my friends! God richly bless you and your family now & forever!

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      It’s a typo! Hate that. But I appreciate you pointing it out. We’ll fix it next printing.

      And so glad you’re enjoying my books. Makes my day.

      Much joy,


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