The Wisdom of Anne Lamott

Jim Our hearts 3 Comments

I was doing the brain rack on coming up with a New Years post that didn’t repeat what everyone else is saying when I came across this article by Anne Lamott on making time for the things that will set you free.

I couldn’t say it any better.

To you, and to finding a New Year of Life.


Comments 3

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  2. Jon Wiley

    Great insight, Jim. She definitely makes some thought-provoking points! A few years ago I was deeply convicted by the words of our Savior from John 6:27 “Do not labor for food that perishes, but food that endures to everlasting life”. He continually inspires me to focus on His priorities of life, especially in the mission field of raising children. The greatest freedom and contentment in life are a result of investing in things of eternal value, not temporal.

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