Some Days You Just Gotta Dance

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First, the depressing stuff:

In August, my agent died. In October a woman who prayed for me daily for seven years died. This month a good friend from my days in radio died.

I have friends who are going through depression, illness, fears, doubts. Yeah, going through life.

But there is another world coming.

That’s where we place our hope. So some days we just have to focus on that and dance:

POST UPDATE 11.12.13: The clip was an animation of Calvin and Hobbes dancing, but apparently the creator violated copyright law so it’s been removed from the internet.

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  1. Gene Blough

    I know this post was 3 years ago, but it is as poignant now as it was then. Back in May, 2016, my wife died. She had fought breast cancer for a year and a half and been declared in remission. Three weeks later, a brain tumor was found, and five weeks after that, she was gone.

    This has given me a very different perspective. That, and your Well Spring series, has been used by God to help some friends of mine who just lost their father/grandfather. And to awaken in me a desire to go deeper with God than I have ever imagined. Please keep this journey of mine in prayer, both for me and for those I am seeking to help, with God’s help.

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