It’s Just Gonna Be You Standing Before God

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When you step into eternity and stand before God there will be no one beside you to account for what you did with your gifts, talents and dreams. Your parents, your kids, your friends, your spouse might be in the crowd, but you’ll be standing there solo. Just you. And God. “I meant to write that book God, but my …

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

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Years ago when I first started losing my hair my friend, Glen, asked, “Would it bother you as much if everyone else in the world was blind?” “No, probably not.” You see where this is going, don’t you? Who am I more worried about looking good for? Other people or God? I hit birthday forty-seven a few months ago. If …

What Do You Do?

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Do you define your life by your 8 to 5 job that brings in some coin of the realm? Or something deeper? I got an e-mail from an old friend the other day in which he told me everything developing in his career. I wrote back and asked what was going on in his life. His response? “I just told …


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