Why “Love me Hate me, Just Don’t Ignore me” Doesn’t Work for Moi

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When I teach marketing to authors and business clients, I often cite the old marketing truth, “Love me, hate me, just don’t ignore me.” Simply put, when readers or shoppers love you, it’s good, you’re getting noticed. When they hate you, it’s good, you’re getting noticed. It’s the “Eh, whatever …” attitude that will kill a business or an author’s …

Happy Birthday to Moi

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Yep, today I turned thirty-nine AGAIN! (I love having an easily deluded mind.) As with every year, the past 12 months have had highs and lows. But do you really want to hear about the downers? Nah, and I don’t want to write about them. So here are a few of the highs: At the end of August, Darci and I …

Winner! Winner!

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Loads of congratulations go out to Kathleen Bruner! Winner of the Kindle Fire HD I was giving away.   Way to go, Kathleen, I’m guessing you’ll enjoy it big time. (As long as that husband of yours doesn’t steal it away too often.) Great thanks to all of you who entered. And who knows, I might do it again someday.

Free Kindle Fire HD Reminder

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You probably already saw this, but just in case you didn’t: You can win a FREE Kindle Fire HD, plus a copy of Soul’s Gate, plus a copy of Memory’s Door by entering here: Enter Today – 8/19 – 9/7! Ten hours left.

Rewiring Our Image of God

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(I posted this a couple of weeks ago on 3 Men Walk Into A Blog, a blog I share with buds Harrry Kraus, and Dan Walsh, but I’m guessing most of you aren’t readers of that blog so I thought I’d share it here as well.) If you can do it, think of God unedited by how you’re supposed to see Him. …