Two Great Questions At Yesterday’s Dinner

Jim Our hearts 4 Comments

On Christmas afternoon, Darci, Taylor, Micah, and always I head over to my sister’s house. Around the table at dinner, Taylor asked a question of the elders that started a powerful discussion. “What do you wish you knew when you were our age?” (Taylor and his cousin Paul are 22, Micah and Paul’s sister Emma are nineteen.) The answers from my …

The Wisdom of Anne Lamott

Jim Our hearts 3 Comments

I was doing the brain rack on coming up with a New Years post that didn’t repeat what everyone else is saying when I came across this article by Anne Lamott on making time for the things that will set you free. I couldn’t say it any better. To you, and to finding a New Year of Life. Jim

If You’ve Ever Doubted

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I met an artist named this past weekend named Casey Lynch that sometimes doubts his ability when he sits down to create—even though he has massive talent. (Check out his art here.) Sometimes he hears a voice that shouts, “Who do you think you’re fooling? You can’t do this!” I told him I know that voice. It’s the same one …

Do You Give Your Heart Workouts?

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Do you exercise? Get some cardio in, lift weights? Even if you don’t, you know it’s part of keeping your body healthy. But what about your spiritual heart? What kind of exercise do you give it? God says out of our hearts flows the wellspring of life. LIFE! Yet most of us race through our existence taking little thought to …